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10 tips for your trip to Peru!

  1.  Bring some cash with you because most merchants do not have the necessary equipment to accept credit or debit cards. Even when they do accept payment by cards, keep in mid that everything is negotiable. It is definitely easier to negotiate when you have cash.
  2. When taking a taxi, before getting in, ask the driver how much it would cost to go to your destination. Once again, keep in mind that everything is negotiable. If the price does not suit you chose another taxi driver. Also, for security reasons, I recommend you call a taxi instead of taking one in the street. You can use applications such as UBER or TAXIBEAT.
  3. When arriving in a new city, ask the taxi driver to drop you at the « plaza de armas ». There is one in most cities and villages of Peru. As well as being absolutely charming, you will find a lot of tourism-related services, restaurants and hotels. 
  4. To get the most out of your time and save money, I suggest you travel by night by bus. In most travel buses, the first floor is designed for night trips and is equipped with comfortable seats that you can bend down. I advise you to travel with CRUZ DEL SUR, a renown company that hires highly experienced highway drivers.
  5. For students, bring your school identification card and you will get discounts in most tourist sites. Note that a photocopy of your card will not be accepted.
  6. Bring cash and toilet paper. In most public washrooms, it costs 1 Nuevo Sol to get in and you will receive a very limited quantity of toilet paper. 
  7. Concerning the weather, July and August is usually a good time to travel to Peru. If you travel in May, June or September it is even better as there are least people and flight tickets are cheaper.
  8. Always keep in mind that seasons are the opposite of the ones in Canada. When it is winter here in Canada, it is summer time in Peru. Of course, winter is not as tough as it is here in Canada. However, I recommend you bring a jacket and a sweater for chilly evenings. 
  9. When going to high altitude cities, bring a hat and put on some sun screen. As you are closer to the sun, you should protect yourself consequently. When going to the jungle, bring a waterproof outfit as well as lighter clothing. You might experience heavy showers and humidex rating of almost 100%. 
  10. To save money, you can eat at reasonable costs in city markets. The average of a meal is in between 10 to 25 Nuevo Sol.

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